New Hope Cattle & Herding Dogs of Arkansas

New Hope Cattle and Herding Dogs of AR Rescue and Rehoming, Inc. is a non-profit animal welfare advocacy organization. NHCDAR was founded, and is operated by, Lawrence W. Riggs Sr. - Founder and CEO. NHCDAR is a Federally recognized 501 C3 Non-Profit organized for the sole purpose of taking care of misfortunate animals. Mr. Riggs has been working with animals for most of his life and has bred and trained several dog varieties including Weimaraner and Standard Poodle. He is also a very knowledgable Horseman. He is very experienced with the Australian breeds of Cattle Dog, Queensland Blue Heeler, Queensland Red Heeler. Mr. Riggs is also experienced with the Border Collie and Australian Shepherd as well as all other breeds. All herding dogs have several things in common, their love of the outdoors, their energy level, and their work ethics. Other breeds may also display some of these characteristics.
Mr. Riggs founded NHCDAR in March of 2009 and Incorporated as an Arkansas Non-Profit in December 2009, after becoming more aware of the tragic numbers of wonderful and loving pets being discarded each year by families across our nation. Through no fault of their own, and due to circumstances beyond their control, these animals are simply turned loose, discarded in the country or city, or worse yet taken out and shot. I know this sounds horrible to most but there is a better way. Through Rescue, and Rehoming adoption programs, eatablished by many reputable organizations, many of these dogs find their new fur-ever homes. Our funding comes from within the community. Donations are tax deductible and through the generosity of members of our community we have been able to “Make a Difference”. Please be generous and DONATE to our cause. Find us on Facebook and click on Fundrazr to Donate.

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